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A person faces different situations at different times. Sometimes you need to rent a car with a driver as you don’t want to drive or due to some physical problem or health issue cannot drive your car. Sometimes you need a car without a driver, which you can drive yourself. TAN tours and car rental is ready to help you in both situations.

Rent a car with a driver

Rent a car with a driver is our regular service. You can get a car for rent for any city in Pakistan. We offer one-way service for the cities like Karachi and Islamabad. You can book your car for as many days as you want with a drvier. We have common and luxury cars to meet all your needs. Our drivers are professional and well trained. They can take you to your destination without any delay. So you are tension-free when you rent a car with a driver. We ask for economical charges and offer safe and secure travel. Our driver can pick you from your location, and we can decide the charges either in advance or according to your use, as you feel feasible. You will not face any problem when you rent a car with a driver, as customer satisfaction is our mission.

Rent a car without a driver

If you need a self-drive car, you can rent a car without a driver. You can choose any available car from our collection. Our driver will deliver that to your location, or you can get it from our office. There are different rental charges for different cars; our staff can provide you with information about that. Small cars are available at low cost, and they consume less fuel. On the other hand, charges for luxury cars are higher. We take the fuel charges according to use or settle the difference, whatever is suitable for you. You can discuss the duration limit and mileage limit at the time of rental. Our booking system is also simple; you can easily rent any car without a driver of your choice. All our cars are well maintained, and professional technical experts maintain them for the best mileage and comfort.
You can rent any car, with a driver or without a driver, the choice is yours. We ensure your safety and reasonable charges. We believe in clear dealing with our clients, and there are no hidden charges. If you are not sure about what kind of car you will need, you can discuss it with our staff. They can guide you about the best available choice according to your budget and requirements.


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