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Tan Tours And Car Rentals

Getting a rental car for commute within the city is different and having a rental car for the tour is different. When you are traveling within the city, you can easily get help if there is any problem with your car. But when you are on tour, you have to travel outside the city, usually to a hilly area, where there might be no help. So, you have to take your decision carefully. TAN tours and car rental understand these problems; we offer well-maintained vehicles for all tours.

High roof andĀ Grand Cabin

When it comes to tours, traveling in groups is always considered a safe option. Usually, families gather to enjoy holidays on a hill station, or friends arrange a get-together to have fun and rent a car for the tour. TAN tours and car rental has high roof vehicles to accommodate a large number of people. Depending on the number of people in your group, we can arrange an appropriate car for the tour. Our high roof vehicles are properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Drivers have experience driving these big cars for long tours, and they can safely take you to your destination.

Grand cabin is another popular choice when it comes to tours. They can easily carry language, and even a large number of people can travel together. TAN tours and car rental tries their best to make your traveling fun and safe. We ensure the safety of our customers in every possible way. Our vehicles are not only clean from the inside, but we maintain their look as well. You can get any model of your choice and rent a car for the tour if you have any specific demand.

CoasterĀ Salon

If you have a large family and want to enjoy your holidays in Pakistan’s northern areas, you can rent a car for the tour. TAN tours and car rental can arrange a coaster for you for a long tour. The seats are comfortable to travel, and they can hold a lot of luggage as well. Our experienced drivers can safely drive you on dangerous and narrow roads in hilly areas.

If you want to travel in a small group or have a small family or want a honeymoon tour, we have Salon. Our well-maintained salon cars are the best option for small families. We can arrange a suitable salon car for you, according to your destination.
The tour charges depend on the vehicle you select and the number of days for which you want to book our vehicle. Book your car for the tour with a TAN tour and car rental, and you will have a safe journey.


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