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We need luxury cars, for the wedding of a friend, sometimes to impress someone and sometimes for your own wedding! If you are also looking for a luxury car, TAN Tours and car rental has various luxury cars for you. We offer well-maintained and clean luxury cars to our clients; you can choose anyone and rent a luxury car according to your choice.



SUV or Sports Utility vehicle is one of the most popular luxury cars. This four-door vehicle is elevated as compared to other vehicles and gives a bold look. People like it for tours, but it is popular for weddings and off-road rides. If you want an SUV, we have a wide range of these luxury cars in different colors.


Prado is a popular car from Toyota. It’s a strong car and is preferred for off-road ventures. If you are planning a game with your friends, Prado can be the best choice. White and black colors are popular, and we have both in different models. This big shiny luxury car can elevate your status.

Land cruiser


Land Cruiser is a jeep-like vehicle, which can impress your friend at first glance. If you need a luxury car for a wedding or a friend’s get to gather, you must choose this. V8 is a popular Land cruiser; if you like that model, TAN tours and car rentals can provide V8. It’s the first choice for off-road trips as well.


When we talk about luxury cars, Limousine is the rarest. A limousine is also called a LIMO, is a long luxury car with a partition between the passenger seat and driver. Few rental services in Lahore have Limo, TAN tour and car rental has these cars in very good condition. Book this luxury and enjoy your ride.


A German company manufactures Mercedes, and people recognize it with the sign on the bonnet. Different Mercedes models are popular, and TAN tours and car rentals offer this beautiful and luxurious car for our customers. Book a Mercedes for your wedding and impress your friends and guests on this memorable day.


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, a German company that manufactures these luxury cars. The blue and white circular mark of BMW is its recognition. TAN Tours and car rentals have different BMW models in our collection, and you can book any one of them for your special day.

No matter what is your choice of luxury car, we have all the luxury cars. Book your luxury car now and have the most memorable day of your life!


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