Rent a Sedan car


Lahore to Islamabad or Islamabad to Lahore

With Fuel & tolls via M2 Motorway (one way)


19,500 Only

Rent a Sedan with Driver in Lahore

Most of the cars we see on our roads are Sedan. A sedan car is a type of car with three separate compartments for the engine, passenger, and luggage.

Sedan cars are easy to drive and suitable for the crowded roads of Pakistan. TAN tours and car rental is committed to providing safe and comfortable traveling services to their clients. Our fleet has several sedan cars to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Toyota Cars for Rent

Toyota is a renowned Japanese manufacturer when it comes to sedan cars.

We have different Toyota cars, and the most popular of them is Toyota Corolla. You can get almost all the models of

Toyota Corolla in our collection, including the latest one. Even the older models are well maintained, and they are available at very economical charges. If you need any specific model, you can ask our customer care officials.

Honda Cars for Rent


Honda is another popular sedan car manufacturer. We have a variety of Honda cars as a part of our fleet. Whether you need Honda City, Honda Civic, GLI, or XLI, we have all these cars in different colors. Choose a black car or a white one, whatever you like. We also have smaller Honda cars, as they are perfect for crowded roads of the country.

Suzuki Cars for Rent

If you like Suzuki cars, we offer many of them to our clients. Suzuki Cultus is the most popular car when we talk about Suzuki cars. It is easy to drive, and people who want to rent a car without a driver prefer Cultus. All our cars are well maintained and offer good mileage.
Sedan cars are easy to drive and can be used for day-to-day commute. A small family can easily travel in a sedan car. We have all kinds of cars, but most of them are sedan cars, as they are in high demand. We offer cars to our clients according to their requirements. Cars are well maintained with all the important accessories.

Our booking procedure is very simple, and we offer sedan cars at economical rent. If you are looking for a sedan car in good condition, you are at the right place. TAN tours and car rentals offer sedan cars at an affordable rent. Our professionals can guide you about the available options, prices, and our terms and conditions. Rent a car from our service, and we will try our best to satisfy you. We believe in providing the best services to our clients.


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